Outdoor storage silo

The outdoor storage silo is a storage solution perfectly suited to agricultural and industrial requirements. We offer a wide range of grain bins on concrete, flat or conical bottoms, as well as silos on above-ground cones, to meet every need.
Our commitment to quality goes beyond the product, and includes high-performance technical support and personalised sales assistance.

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Cellule à grain extérieure
Cellule extérieure
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Flat-bottom – conical-bottom external cell

Flat-bottom grain cell

This type of outdoor grain storage is ideal for long-term storage of cereals and bulk products. Perfectly suited to large-volume storage, our cereal storage silos meet the needs of a wide range of sectors, from cereal growers and feed mills to the biofuels and biomass industries.

Galvanized to Z600 for the cylinder and ZM310 for the roof, our exterior cells guarantee optimum durability. The Magnelis roof offers excellent corrosion resistance and is environmentally friendly. Each grain cell includes :

    • a roof with a manhole,
    • secure roof access,
    • a metal roof skirt,
    • an inspection hatch,
    • a crinoline ladder.

These robust outdoor silos are compatible with fixed handling equipment and roof platforms. Numerous options are also available, such as the grain fall damper, the sweeper auger, the covered walkway or the anti-avalanche system.

The external grain bin is designed in accordance with ANSI-ASAE or EUROCODE EN 1991.4 standards. The design also considers the specific climatic conditions of the installation site.

To guarantee optimum preservation of harvested grain, the grain storage silo is equipped with a high-performance ventilation system. We offer a range of cereal ventilation systems to suit your needs, including gutters, ventilated cones, venti-bells and perforated floors.

In addition to outdoor storage silo, our range includes indoor grain silos, roofless metal silos for indoor product storage.

Conical bottom grain storage

This storage silowith conical bottom is ideal for short-term storage. This versatile cone silo can be used as a bushel, transit unit or wet silo for products awaiting drying.

The diameter of the grain silo varies between 2.50 and 12 meters, with possible inclinations of 45° or 60°. Depending on height and volume, the outer silo hoppers are reinforced with a compression ring continuously welded to the outer surface. The cones offer optimum structural quality.

The structure of the storage grain silo is entirely hot-dip galvanized to guarantee a perfect seal. This prevents water from seeping between the compression ring and the foot of the silo. Depending on the seismic zone in which the silos are located, studies are carried out to define the appropriate dimensions for feet and bracing.

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Uses and applications

Our equipment is designed for all types of bulk and cereal products such as pellets, granules and plastics.
Our solutions, adapted to a wide range of applications, include :

  • Cereal
  • Malting
  • Animal feed factory
  • Company specialising in raw materials for the plastics, biofuels and biomass industries
Conical-bottom outer cell for cereals


  • Increased corrosion resistance, self-healing wafer protection
  • Robust structure
  • Perfect grain flow
  • Easy maintenance
  • Decennial warranty

Key features

Cylinder :

  • Corrugated sheets (76/14), galvanized (600 gr/m², standard UNE-EN-10346)
  • 8.8 or 10.9 hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts
  • 2 or 3 uprights / ferrule depending on model

Roofing :

  • Made up of trapezoid-shaped segments for improved hermeticity
  • Roof in Magnelis

Flat-bottomed silo dimensions:

  • Storage capacity: up to 25,000 m³ as standard
  • Cell diameter: up to 32 meters.
  • Cell height: up to 34 meters

Dimensions of silos on cones:

  • Storage capacity: up to 4,000 m³.
  • Cell diameter: up to 12 meters
  • Cell height: up to 27 meters

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