Automation, control cabinet, and electricity

A turnkey service for automating your plant

FAO supports you from the electrical design phase right through to the commissioning of your new or existing grain storage facilities.

Thanks to its design office specialising in automation and wiring workshop, Fao offers a complete turnkey service including the manufacture ofcontrol cabinets, the design and programming of automated systems, as well as electrical wiring and on-site commissioning.

Automation covers all control systems and PLCs used to supervise and control your handling, drying and feed manufacturing equipment on the farm. Our team of experts in PLC and HMI programming (Human Machine Interfaces) are fully conversant with the specific constraints of bulk goods storage and transfer business. As a result, we can offer you tailor-made programs to suit your project.

Design and studies

  • PLC programming
  • Electrical studies
  • Automation studies

Commissioning and installation

  • Electrical cabinet wiring
  • Dryer rail assembly
  • Workshop assembly
  • On-site testing, inspection and commissioning

Service and maintenance

  • Telephone after-sales service
  • On-site maintenance
  • Enhancing existing programs
  • Remote maintenance
  • Retrofit

Design and manufacture of control cabinets

We build dedicated control cabinets for every application, to suit all your needs: handling, grain drying, on-farm feed milling. Thanks to the centralised control system, you can control all your equipment from a single point.

To simplify the management of your installation, our control panels are equipped with touch screens. Our teams are committed to making software easy to use, thanks to intuitive, ergonomic interfaces known as Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).
The control screen can be easily configured and accessed from a variety of devices: control panel, tablet, PC and smartphone. With a single click, you can start up your equipment and monitor the status of your installation in real time, thanks to theintuitive interface.

FAO also offers simplified handling cabinets for simpler or smaller installations. These are equipped with control and display buttons and can be configured with up to 9 destinations and 9 origins.

Handling control cabinet

The material handling control cabinet controls and supervises all your material handling equipment (chain conveyors, bucket elevators, screws, valves, sensors, etc.) and ensures the transfer of cereals, grains or other bulk products.
In addition to handling equipment, our cabinet allows you to control your grain dryer and thermometry, all from a single screen.

  • 15″ or 21″ touch screen for system visualization
  • Automatic management of filling, emptying and transfer cycles
  • Recording and viewing curves
  • Customisable cycle management
  • Multiple dryers can be integrated into the operating cycle
  • Shipping management to bushels on load cells
Control cabinet for grain storage, drying and handling systems
Control cabinet for grain dryer

Control cabinet for grain dryer

The control panel is dedicated to grain dryers and allows you to control and operate your dryer:

  • Drying cycle management
  • Detailed dryer display on 7” or 10” touch screen
  • Integration of customisable drying recipes
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Curve visualisation
  • Alarm feedback
  • Oilseed operating mode management

FAO Monitor, your digital drying book

The FAO Monitor digital drying book provides more precise and efficient traceability of the drying process.
This digital notebook includes automatic data collection, unlimited history storage, and curve visualisation and archiving.

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Control cabinet for farm feed mills (FAF)

The FAF control cabinet handles grain transfer, recipes and feed mixing.
It includes:

  • 7” or 10” touch screen control and display unit
  • Management of up to 10 automatically dosed raw materials. Unlimited manual dosage management.
  • Management of raw material replacement on stock at 0
  • Manage up to 50 production recipes
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Alarm feedback
Food factory control screen

Optimise the performance of your remote installation

For enhanced performance and optimum management of your facilities, we provide you with StockAlert and StockControl solutions. These solutions provide detailed information on the status of your equipment and enable remote control and monitoring of your installation.
By sending alarm sms and controlling the system remotely from your phone or tablet, you avoid unnecessary on-site visits, saving time and reducing associated costs.

automatic SMS alert in the event of system failure

StockalertReceive automatic SMS alerts

  • SMS alarm in the event of equipment failure
  • Detailed reporting of each alarm
  • Real-time driving information
Remote control of the storage facility

Stockcontrol Pilot your equipment remotely

    • Control via smartphone or tablet
    • Remote parameter adjustment
    • Thermometry management


FAO offers thermometry solutions tailored to the specific needs of farmers, cooperatives and agricultural retailers. Adapted to all types of installations, whether for storage in concrete or metal cells, or in warehouses, our solutions enable efficient monitoring of stored grain temperatures.


ThermControl offers precise grain temperature control, accessible from the display integrated into your control cabinet.

This is particularly well-suited to industrial or complex storage sites and this solution ensures efficient monitoring while maintaining optimal conditions to preserve the quality of stored grain.

  • Visualisation of your installation and temperature points (cells, probes and sensors)
  • Setting target temperatures
  • Programming ventilation operating times and days
  • Automatic adjustment of ventilation to outdoor conditions
  • Alert when set temperatures are exceeded
  • Management of stored grain levels, modification of thresholds

For remote thermometry management, you can integrate our StockAlert and StockControl solutions.

Thermometry display screen

Bluetooth thermometry

Bluetooth thermometry is ideal for small storage sites, offering remote monitoring without the need for complex cabling. This simple, practical solution enables grain temperature to be displayed in real time on a smartphone or tablet. You can easily download the application from the Store.
Depending on your needs, you can also opt for a tablet preconfigured with the application.

We also offer a wireless thermometry system for small flat storage warehouses. These wireless probes are easy to install and are tailor-made to customer requirements.

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