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Receiving and storage for livestock feed production

FAO designed and installed a complete, automated plant for the reception and storage of mash raw materials (granulated kernels) for a livestock feed factory.

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Customer and project

Our customer is a Breton agricultural cooperative group specializing in the manufacture of livestock feed. The agricultural cooperative is a manufacturer of MASH feed for livestock (cattle, cows, etc.). Mash is a feed made up of raw materials and unground semi-finished products. The raw materials that make up mash are very fragile and require appropriate, secure storage.

Mash cattle feed

Objectives and customer needs :

Our customer wanted to expand its MASH feed raw material manufacturing site toincrease production capacity, limit human handling, and secure product quality (product retention, breakage, iron content). Production ramp-up was limited by the need for extensive manual handling of the core. The core was first pre-dosed and stored in bins, then handled by telescopic fork-lift truck to the process weighing bucket.

The aim was to design a complete, automated plant to receive and store mash raw materials (granulated kernels).

Solution and results

Fao offers a compact, customized storage solution to fit in with the existing site and facilitate the processing of raw materials.

Conical bottom silo for mash feed storage

Objectives :

  • Orientation of silos to position dosing screws to reach a single dosing point
  • Design a compact storage facility in compliance with the PLU (silo max height 10M)
  • Include customer-specific requirements for gearmotor encapsulation, flexible coupling and IEC flange-mounted motors. The elevator feed gusset is lined in Hardox 450.
  • Limit core breakage due to handling by feeding the gusset on the rising strand.
  • Include magnets to recover ferrous particles to limit iron contamination of foodstuffs
  • Limit cross-contamination by including an elevator foot without retention.

Installation features

  • 4 silos Ø3.5M on 66° cone – capacity 45 tons each
  • 1 45° angled reception pit conveyor – TC350RI range – 100t/h ps 0.75
  • 1 elevator 100t/h EG20-500 with one foot without grain retention
  • 4 dosing screws that join an existing weighing bucket in the customer’s process
  • Hardox 450 lining on wear points

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