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Our fields of activity

After-sales service for our equipment is provided by our FAO teams. This service offers support to all FAO customers from the moment their installation is commissioned.
FAO’s teams of technicians are available throughout France to install, commission, maintain, support, and troubleshoot your storage system.
As designers and manufacturers, we have complete expertise in the operation of our equipment. This enables us to quickly identify potential problems and resolve them efficiently, thus reducing your plant’s downtime.

FAO can also help you revamp your storage, drying, cleaning, and handling equipment for grain and bulk products. Our teams will provide you with their expertise in processes as well as in mechanical, electrical and programming aspects.

Audit and diagnosis of your installation

FAO offers the Audit & Diagnostic contract, which includes the preventive actions to be carried out.
This contract includes the intervention of an expert FAO technician who checks the condition and operation of your equipment: grain dryer, handling, storage silo.

At the end of the work, you will receive a detailed report with photos and our recommendations, including a list of parts to be replaced, a list of maintenance work to be carried out and proposals for optimising the equipment.

Our offer also includes a free telephone helpline that puts you directly in touch with one of our experienced technicians. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a preferential rate on spare parts, and priority in the event of remedial work.

FAO after-sales service on a storage facility

Preventive and corrective maintenance

At your request, our teams can work on site in:

Preventive maintenance

FAO technicians are on hand to take preventive action and repair and overhaul your equipment:

Our specialist teams are on hand to provide regular maintenance, resolve any problems and optimise the operation of your storage, drying, cleaning and grain and bulk handling facilities.

Curative maintenance

Intervention of FAO technicians in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of your installation:

Our teams intervene quickly to diagnose and resolve problems, minimising downtime for your equipment. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we do everything we can to ensure the continuity of your operations.

Our teams of technicians work on all brands of mechanical maintenance for your agricultural or industrial installation: dryer, chain conveyor, bucket lift, etc.
We have 100% control over the manufacturing process in our factory. We are therefore able to manufacture the necessary spare parts within 24 hours if required.


FAO offers comprehensive services to restore and maintain your storage facilities, ensuring their continued operation:

  • Integration of customised solutions into existing processes
  • Replacement of worn parts on handling equipment (straps, buckets, handling chains, cakes, etc.)
  • Piping and accessories
  • Installation of new equipment

Kit Auto, the complete retrofit for your grain dryer

FAO offers the Auto Kit, a complete retrofit service to prevent breakdowns, enhance safety and improve the drying performance of your grain dryer.
Our automation design office will work with you to identify the risks and ways of improving your drying system.

With the Auto Kit, you benefit from a reliable solution to ensure your dryer runs at optimum efficiency:

  • Upgrading to safety standards
  • Replacing obsolete parts
  • Reinforcement of temperature control points
  • Real-time data display
  • A more powerful PLC
  • User-friendly touch screen with ergonomic interface

Our technicians are on hand to advise you on the maintenance of your grain storage, cleaning and drying equipment to ensure optimum performance. If necessary, they can carry out a remote diagnosis of your installation.

Mechanical assembly and electrical wiring

Our technicians can install and wire your equipment anywhere in France. The installation of your plant includes the mechanical assembly of the transfer and storage equipment, as well as the installation of the piping and electrical wiring.

Our installation service includes:

  • Assembly of FAO supply equipment
  • Pipe installation
  • Support for equipment supplied by FAO
  • Electrical wiring between cabinet and equipment, cablofils,…
  • Pneumatic connection
  • Handling and lifting equipment (forklift, telescopic handler, crane, etc.)
  • Operator access equipment (cherry picker, scaffolding)

After the installation phase, commissioning is carried out to ensure compliance with the requirements specified in your specifications, in terms of performance and functionality. It includes test runs, final adjustments by qualified personnel, and training for your staff.

We also offer an Assembly Assistance service, which includes supervision of mechanical and electrical assembly.

Electrical wiring of a FAO control cabinet
Spare parts FAO workshop

Spare parts

FAO has a large stock of original spare parts and components.

With over 6,000 references stocked in our spare parts warehouse, we have the right parts for all your grain storage, drying, cleaning and handling equipment, whether old or new: belts, drums, bearings, hammers, pulleys, motors, bearings, screws, electronic components…

Each part is referenced in our ERP for rapid, identical remanufacturing in our production workshop.


Our agencies and technicians in France offer you a local service to maintain, replace and repair your equipment.

Plant maintenance requires expertise and rapid intervention to limit production downtime. FAO has therefore developed a network of local agencies with teams of technicians dedicated to maintaining your storage equipment and facilities.

Our FAO branch network

Optimised maintenance for high-performance, long-lasting installations

Our North and East branches have all the skills and resources of an organisation dedicated to the upkeep, maintenance and operation of all our grain storage facilities. These human-scale structures reduce intervention costs while ensuring local service.

Local players

Local players

  • A single point of contact
  • Dedicated local technicians with skills in assembly, mechanics, welding and piping
Lower costs

Lower costs

  • Large stock of spare parts for rapid delivery
  • Essential stock available from our local contacts

FAO Vitré

North Branch

Est Branch

From tailor-made audits to on-site installation, our priority is to guarantee reliable, high-quality service through proximity, responsiveness, and availability. Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our in-house teams, our branches can offer you comprehensive support for your boiler making, mechanical welding, piping and mechanical needs. Our experts can also carry out all or part of the work, depending on your needs.

We also have teams of technicians ready to intervene on your installations and equipment throughout France. Equipped with a full range of tools, converted vehicles and a large stock of spare parts, our teams guarantee fast, efficient on-site service anywhere in France.

The aim of the agencies is to be as close as possible to manufacturers and farmers, to be even more responsive. What’s more, our teams can handle all types of handling, whatever the brand of your equipment.

Alexandre Hars – FAO Branch Manager

Pneumatic control of a FAO dryer
Mechanical maintenance of a FAO geared motor
Assistance in setting up a FAO storage system
Commissioning of a FAO storage system

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