Indoor grain silo

FAO offers storage solutions tailored to the needs of storage organisations, farmers and manufacturers. Whether with a flat or conical base, the indoor grain silo provides effective protection against moisture, temperature variations and pests, while optimising grain quality.

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Silo à grains intérieur
Cellule extérieure de stockage
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Flat-bottom grain silo – conical bottom

Suitable for storing products such as wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed and soybeans, the cereal storage silo represents an economical solution perfectly suited to indoor and on-farm storage. We offer both conical and flat-bottomed grain silos, depending on your needs.

Flat-bottomed silo

The flat-bottomed inner silo stores a large volume of grain while remaining easy to maintain. The agricultural silo can be equipped with grain handling systems such as chain conveyors, augers or bucket elevators to facilitate grain transfer.
We adapt our grain silos to your layout constraints and to your stored products. Our indoor grain silos offer a low-cost solution while providing effective protection for your grain and bulk products.

Inner silo with conical bottom

We also offer indoor conical-bottom silos with storage capacities of up to 350 t. These silos are specially designed to store delicate, fragile products or products with demanding storage constraints, such as flour or meal for animal feed. The conical bottom allows easy and complete emptying of the silo and is ideal for stock rotation.

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Uses and applications

To meet a wide range of needs, our indoor grain silos offer a reliable solution for storing all types of cereals and bulk products: corn, wheat, malting barley, triticale, soybeans, peas, faba beans, oats, buckwheat, millet, animal meal.
The silos, with flat or conical bottoms, offer complete protection against humidity, temperature variations and pests, ensuring optimum grain preservation. They are designed to meet on-farm storage requirements, while also meeting the needs of storage organisations or cooperatives.

For your outdoor storage needs, we also offer outdoor bins for grain and bulk products.

Installation of a grain silo in a photovoltaic building

For farmers with existing buildings, the installation of indoor silos is a practical and efficient solution. This maximises space utilization andincreases storage capacity. We provide you with the most suitable solution, depending on the space available, the height of the building, the type of grain to be stored, and your existing handling equipment.

In the case of photovoltaic buildings, our teams can work with you at an early stage of your project to advise you on the specific features of the building to be constructed.
For both silo and flat storage, we guarantee an installation that integrates perfectly with your building, optimising your investment and reducing the associated costs.

Indoor grain silo


  • Increased storage capacity
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Simplified civil engineering
  • Quick assembly
  • Space optimisation

Key features

  • Storage capacity: up to 385 t / 513 m³.
  • Height: 0.90 to 9.26 meters
  • Diameter: 1.78 to 8.90 meters
  • Galvanized corrugated sheet metal, thickness 0.75 mm
  • Z275 galvanizing and zinc-plated fasteners
  • 18 mm wave at 76 mm pitch, 1500 mm long sheet metal
  • PS of 0.75 with 28° natural slope

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