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Malting barley storage facility

To optimize its manufacturing process, a Breton whisky distillery called on FAO's expertise to implement a solution for the storage and preservation of malting barley.

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Customer and project

Our client is a whisky manufacturer based in Brittany since 2014. Created with the aim of developing the first blends of Breton whiskies, Naguelann has become a craft whisky distillery in the space of 5 years. The company distills, selects and blends all the cuvées. Barrel capacity varies according to the cuvée: 40L, 50L or 200L.

To improve andautomate its production process, the Breton distillery called on FAO to store and preserve its malting barley.

Objectives :

  • Store post-harvest barley in good conditions
  • Ventilate barley to keep humidity below 13%.
  • Reloading barley and shipping it to malting plants
  • Re-stock malted barley to feed the crushing unit
  • Isolate barley crushing by moving it to avoid dusting the distillery area

Installation features

  • 4 silos Ø3.5M on 66° cone – capacity 45 tons each
  • 1 45° angled reception pit conveyor – TC350RI range – 100t/h ps 0.75
  • 1 elevator 100t/h EG20-500 with one foot without grain retention
  • 4 dosing screws that join an existing weighing bucket in the customer’s process
  • Hardox 450 lining on wear points

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