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Expert in the manufacture of grain cleaning machines, FAO offers a range of cleaners and pre-cleaners adapted to farmers and industrialists. Manufactured in our workshop in France, the cereal cleaner-separator stands out for its robustness and ease of installation and use. Versatile, compact and high-performance, our separator cleaners play an essential role in the harvesting process. Our machines ensure pre-cleaning and cleaning of all types of grain, as well as precise grading and sorting according to particle size. The cleaner-separator efficiently removes impurities, broken grains, and parasites, guaranteeing crop quality. Combined with an appropriate purification system, the cleaner offers enhanced performance. It efficiently separates fine particles such as chips and broken grains.

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Cereal separator cleaner: versatility and efficiency

FAO separator-cleaners are designed to perform a variety of functions: crushing, cleaning, sorting, grading, or separating grain. Perfectly adapted to the needs of farmers and manufacturers, they also meet the requirements of control authorities.

For which crops are separator cleaners suitable?

For over 40 years, FAO has focused on innovation and continuous improvement to design reliable, high-performance machines tailored to customer needs. Our separator cleaners are specially designed to handle a wide variety of crops, such as cereals, pulses, and oilseeds. They ensure optimal cleaning and sorting of all types of grain such as wheat, barley, oats, flax, maize, faba beans, cocoa, and rice.

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Grain separator cleaner: what applications?

Our grain separator cleaners have a wide range of applications:

  • Feed mills: separator cleaners are used after granulation to separate crumbs, granules, and lumps, or to process co-products.
  • Organic plants: our machines sort cereal mixtures according to the sieves used, for example to separate weight from triticale or wheat from faba bean.
  • Drying units: the cereal cleaner-separator removes coarse waste such as clods and straw, reducing clogging of dryers.
  • Cereal storage: they prepare the grain for ensiling by removing chaff, dust, stalks, and straw. This reduces the risk of mycotoxins and insect pests, while optimising ventilation.
  • Grain sizing: our separator cleaners handle all types of grain, including cocoa.

FAO can carry out tests on your products to deduce the configuration best suited to the desired result for any other application.

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