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Rice storage and drying plant

To meet the needs of a cooperative specializing in rice storage and drying in Greece, the FAO team built a tailor-made, fully automated plant.

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A group of rice producers based in Greece called on FAO to set up a rice drying and storage facility. Their aim is to process their own rice crop, totaling around 1,500 tonnes, as well as the production of other farmers in the region.

Rice harvest

Customer objectives :

  • Streamline the storage and drying process for more efficient management of the cooperative’s rice production.
  • Facilitate the storage of the production of other farmers in the region to encourage cooperation and the pooling of resources.
  • Set up a batch dryer capable of drying 7 tonnes of rice per hour, reducing the moisture content of the rice from 20% to 14%.
  • Ensure an efficient, precise drying process to guarantee rice quality while extending shelf life.
  • Ensuring sustainability and minimizing operational risks


FAO designed a turnkey rice storage and drying plant, precisely tailored to the customer’s needs. The objective of optimizing production management has been fully achieved, enabling the cooperative to process its own harvest of 1,500 tonnes of rice, while facilitating the storage of production from neighboring farmers.

The batch dryer, capable of processing up to 7 tonnes of rice per hour, reduces moisture content from 20% to 14%. This precision in drying preserves the quality of the rice and extends its shelf life.
The integration of an automated system optimizes the plant’s operating efficiency. Bluetooth thermometry enables real-time monitoring of storage, providing precise visibility of environmental conditions. This feature guarantees constant control, enabling rapid reaction to temperature variations and ensuring optimum preservation of rice quality.

System with batch dryer for rice

At the same time,automated ventilation management ensures ideal storage conditions. By automatically adjusting ventilation parameters as required, the system helps to prevent deterioration of the rice due to inappropriate conditions, enhancing the durability and quality of the end product.

The touch screen allows centralized control and simplified process management. This not only ensures smooth coordination of the various phases, but also greater responsiveness to any operational challenges that may arise.


  • 2 4,600 m3 storage silos for 2,500 T of rice
  • 1 wet silo 150 m3
  • 1 truck loading bucket 75 m3
  • 1 handling 50 t/h rice at PS 0.55
  • 1 batch dryer type 670AR – capable of drying 7T of rice per hour (rice 20% -14%)
  • Piping with wear-resistant, non-retaining drop box

The site is equipped with a touch screen for :

  • Storage monitoring by thermometer probe with Bluetooth readout
  • Automated ventilation management
  • System control

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