Shipping bushel

The FAO shipping bushel is suitable for storing and shipping grain and flour products. FAO offers its customers a range of fully galvanized bushels to meet the specific requirements of the food industry and farmers.

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Boisseau de chargement pour céréales et produits farineux FAO
Boisseau de chargement pour grain
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The shipping bushels plays a key role in the transfer of grain and other bulk products. Our shipping bushels are designed to ensure fast truck loading and optimize working time. Conical bottom bushels ensure optimum grain flow, as the angle of the cone remains constant along its entire length. This feature distinguishes it from square bushels, where the cone angle can vary, impacting the fluidity of the grain flow.

The hopper is galvanized with round square transformation. The valve opening is facilitated by rack-and-pinion control on the loading platform via a handwheel, and from the ground via a nut-and-chain wheel. The square-round shape reduces grain retention, making the bushel suitable for temporary storage.
The four-legged structure is designed to facilitate the passage of trucks and tractors, and can also be positioned above a weighbridge. The shipping bushels offer different inclinations, 45° or 60°, depending on the type of product to be stored. All our bushels are galvanized for strength and durability, and their variable capacities meet the specific needs of our customers.

For industrial applications requiring larger storage capacities, we offer loading bushels with capacities ranging from 27 m³ to 267 m³. Manufactured from galvanized corrugated steel, with a Z 600g/m² coating for the cylinder and ZM310g/m² for the roof, these shipping bushels offer excellent tightness and a long service life. Robust and reliable, these shipping bushels ensure efficient and reliable grain unloading onto trucks.

For your storage needs, we also offer indoor and outdoor storage silos for cereals and bulk products.

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Kitvrac shipping bushel for cereals

The grain bucket with conical bottom inclined at 45 degrees is suitable for all types of grain. It allows optimum emptying and direct unloading of grain into truck bushels.

Our grain loading buckets with 45° cone are available in different sizes and capacities, depending on your needs.

Kitvrac shipping bushels for floury products

The bushel with a 60° inclined cone is ideal for floury products. The specific design of these bushels facilitates the flow of products that can compact or form lumps, such as soybean meal, rapeseed and animal feed meal.

It is particularly suitable for farmers, cooperatives or feed mills processing difficult-to-flow mealy products.

Shipping bushel for truck loading


  • No product retention
  • Crane-free assembly
  • Increased resistance
  • Easy truck loading
  • Maximising productivity
  • Numerous options: loading bridge, electronic weighing, roof-mounted loading bridge…

Key features

  • Standard 45° and 60° tilt
  • Galvanized hopper with round square conversion, valve opening by rack-and-pinion drive on loading platform
  • Galvanized panels in smooth sheet metal with internal tie rods to resist grain thrust
  • Hot-dip galvanized feet and structures

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