On-farm feed manufacturing

A complete range dedicated to on-farm feed production

For over 40 years, FAO has been designing and building feed mills for livestock and agriculture. Our know-how enables us to offer innovative, high-performance solutions for on-farm feed production and cereal valorization. To meet every need and application, we have developed a complete range of equipment – grinders, mixers, flatteners – to transform cereals and raw materials into quality livestock feed. We also offer turnkey feed manufacturing units that can be adapted to the specific needs of your operation. On-farm feed manufacturing is all about control and autonomy, enabling farmers to control and select raw materials to meet the specific needs of their livestock.

Flattener for food factories


Hammer mill for cereals

Hammer mill

FAO mixer for food production

Horizontal mixer

Turnkey unit for on-farm feed production

Turnkey food production units

Our latest realisations

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Why choose a FAO On-farm feed Manufacturing?

The FAO On-Farm Feed Mill offers several key advantages for farming and livestock professionals. Here are the details:

  • Autonomy and control: on-farm production gives farmers food autonomy. What’s more, the feed mill gives you precise control over the feed formulation that’s right for your animals.
  • Economy: our on-farm feed mills are optimised for efficient use of resources. Thanks to our equipment, losses are reduced, and profitability maximised. In this way, farmers can better control their feed costs. This efficiency also translates into reduced daily working hours.
  • Guaranteed quality: each feed is precisionly-manufactured in our workshop in France, guaranteeing quality materials and rigorous monitoring.
  • Flexibility: our feed mills are designed to meet the specific needs of livestock farmers, cooperatives and feed producers. They can be upgraded with additional equipment according to the needs and development of the feed manufacturing. What’s more, food factories can be easily integrated into existing facilities, whether simple or more complex.
  • Responsible production: Our facilities make the most of local production while minimising environmental impact. We strive to offer innovative, high-performance, energy-efficient solutions.

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