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A complete range dedicated to the storage of cereals and bulk products

FAO offers storage silos for cereals and bulk products that meet the requirements of the agricultural and industrial sectors. Our storage cells are designed from robust materials such as steel, treated with a high-density galvanization rate. Depending on the model chosen, these cells are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Storage silos are specifically designed to store bulk products such as cereals, powders, granules, biofuels, or raw materials for food production. Every cereal storage silo we offer ensures optimum protection and long-lasting preservation of cereals and bulk products. In addition, grain silos incorporate ventilation systems for precise temperature and humidity management. They also feature handling systems that simplify product loading and unloading.

Indoor storage silo

Indoor storage silo

Outdoor storage silo

Outdoor storage silo

Ventilation system in storage silo

Ventilation systems

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Cereal storage silos: FAO solutions

Grain silos are essential for the preservation and storage of cereals, particularly in the face of increasing production and diversification of bulk products.
Whether you’re looking for a wheat silo, a corn silo or a pellet silo, FAO has the right solution for every need.

Storing cereals is essential to preserve their quality and market value. Our grain storage silos minimise post-harvest losses, whether from pests such as insects and fungi, or abiotic factors such as humidity.

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What types of grain storage silo are there?

Flat-bottom silo

These silos are ideal for storing large quantities of grain and can reach capacities of up to 25,000 cubic meters outdoors. What’s more, their design ensures optimum grain preservation while maximizing storage space.

Conical bottom silo

This type of silo facilitates grain emptying. The conical shape prevents grain build-up and facilitates air circulation, reducing the risk of moisture and pests.

Cereal storage silos: complete FAO installations

Efficient storage doesn’t stop at simply preserving grain. Our silos are equipped with ventilation systems for precise temperature and humidity control. What’s more, our handling systems simplify loading and unloading, ensuring continuity of operations.

As a specialist in the valorization of cereals, FAO goes beyond simply supplying silos. In fact, we offer complete turnkey storage solutions. From design to installation, we ensure that each silo is tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

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