Cereals ventilation

FAO supports you in your storage projects and offers you high-performance grain ventilation systems for silos and buildings. Our various ventilation networks are designed to guarantee optimum, uniform air circulation. Each solution is customised to meet your specific needs.

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Ventilation pour céréales dans silo de stockage
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Cereal ventilation systems

We can help you with your grain ventilation project from A to Z. We favour economical and energy-efficient solutions, while guaranteeing optimum preservation of your cereals.
Our aim is to provide you with an effective system for ventilating your crops and controlling the risk of mold growth. We adapt ventilation to your existing or future installation, as well as to the type of building. We adapt the sizing of ventilation networks, from the fan to the pressure drop in the grain.

Cereal ventilation channels

Cereal ventilation channels provide uniform, efficient ventilation of straw cereals and other grains, whether in flat storage or in storage silos. The channels, integrated into the slab, are covered with a grid on which the cereals are stored.

Flat-bottomed concrete channels require grain handling equipment, such as augers or chain conveyors, for optimum emptying.

Perforated half-sheath

Like the channel ventilation system, the perforated half-sheath ventilation system is suitable for flat storage.

For conical-bottom silos whose construction cannot accommodate standard ventilation channels, the perforated half-sheath system is ideal.

The sheath, positioned horizontally, extends over part or all the length of the silo base. A grain fan blows air through the perforations in the duct, allowing the air to rise vertically through the stored grain. Thanks to the even distribution of perforations on the sheath, air is distributed evenly through the grains, avoiding the formation of hot spots or poorly ventilated areas.
With the system positioned at the base, access for maintenance or cleaning is easy.

Ventilated cone

The ventilated cone, specially designed for high-capacity silos such as industrial silos, ensures even air circulation. It offers two tilt options, 30° or 45°, and adjustable cone heights.

Uniform air circulation helps maintain a constant temperature throughout the grain and wick away moisture. The conical shape naturally guides the grain downwards, simplifying emptying while limiting the need for mechanisms such as the scraper screw.

The space created by the ventilated cone allows easy access for maintenance of handling equipment under the silo. What’s more, the cone facilitates the integration of additional equipment without the need for major silo modifications.

Depending on handling requirements, dedicated hatches or emptying systems can be integrated.

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Suitable for silos without an integrated ventilation system, the venti-cloche ensures even grain ventilation, preventing the development of insects. Its flexible design allows easy integration into silos of different capacities.

The venti-cloche uses an inverted bell, or dome, positioned in the concrete cone of the grain storage silo, or in a metal cup cone. The air introduced under this bell is then evenly distributed over the entire surface of the stored grain.

Perforated floor

For installations requiring floor-level grain ventilation, perforated flooring offers an effective solution. Its above-ground design, with its multiple openings, allows uniform air circulation at the base of the cells, favoring optimal grain preservation.

We offer various perforation models, all designed to withstand heavy loads. What’s more, our supports come in different heights, making it easy to integrate above-ground drainage systems.

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