Cereal fan

The cereal fan is the ideal solution for cooling or maintaining cereals such as wheat, barley and corn. FAO offers a range of fans for the ventilation of grain stored in silos or for flat storage.

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Ventilateur céréales centrifuge
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Cereal fan for silo or building storage

The cereal fan is essential for preserving crop quality, ensuring perfect stabilization of cereals and maintaining the right temperature in storage areas.

FAO offers fixed or mobile grain fans, adapted to the specific needs of your storage facility. The recommended power of the cereal fan depends on the diameter and height of your cell.

Mobile cereal fan

The mobile cereal fan is ideal for cooling or maintenance ventilation when storing cereals. FAO grain fans ventilate grain stored in bins or in flat storage with ventilation ducts.

Numerous options are available, including silencers, mounting frames, air intakes, louvered shutters, flow control and ventilation automation. Our aim is to offer maximum flexibility to meet every need.

With power ratings ranging from 1.5 kW to 18.5 kW depending on the model, it is perfectly suited to the needs of small-volume farms. This practical fan is easy to move thanks to its handle and 2 transport wheels.

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Cereal centrifugal fan

The centrifugal grain fan, renowned for its high efficiency, stores large amounts of energy during operation. Designed to extract clean or slightly dusty air, this type of cereal fan is particularly suitable for ventilating large-capacity storage facilities, whether in a building or in an outdoor cell up to 32 meters in diameter.

The fan is fixed and connects directly to the ventilation network. The orientation of the fan is defined according to the configuration of the site and the specific needs of our customers. Centrifugal fans meet the highest standards in terms of design and quality.

FAO grain fan


  • Performance and reliability
  • Mobile fans are easy to move
  • Easy connection via air sleeve
  • Robust, maintenance-free, safe design

Key features

  • Different motor ratings: from 1.5 to 18.5 kW for the mobile version
  • Waterproof motors for outdoor use
  • Protective grille at air inlet
  • Adaptable sleeve for mobile fans
  • Strap for mobile fan

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