Grain pit

The grain tank is adapted to the configuration of your storage site and process. Our range of standard flow-through and non-flow-through pits, as well as our above-ground receiving solutions, are designed to adapt precisely to the specific requirements of each project.

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Fosse à grain pour la réception
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Grain pits: Types and configurations for your specific needs

The grain pit enables grain to be unloaded quickly and efficiently, simplifying its transfer to the various handling, cleaning, drying or storage units. We offer standard and customized solutions to meet every need.

Passing and nonpassing grain pits

  • Pass-through grain pit: located in a dedicated corridor, this grain pit allows vehicles to circulate, ensuring efficient and rapid unloading without truck maneuvering. Its sturdy steel construction enables it to withstand the weight of trucks while guaranteeing safety and durability.
  • Non-accessible grain pit: this pit does not allow vehicle traffic. The pit is designed with a stop or concrete wall to prevent contact between the truck wheels and the grate. This system reduces the spread of waste inside the pit, preserving the quality of the product received. Non-passing pit screens have been specifically designed to separate and retain impurities and debris from the grain during unloading. The non-passing pit is therefore ideally suited to the reception of organic products for food or wood pellets. What’s more, its compact design allows optimised layout, even in confined spaces.

Grain pit designs and specifications

For the reception of grain and bulk products, we design grain pits of various capacities, adapted to your uses and requirements. They can be fitted with through- or non-through-grilles.

  • Suspended grain tank: built from welded steel, this tank is protected by rustproof paint, guaranteeing strength and durability.
  • Square-round metal pit: this type of pit is used for screw extraction and is suitable for storage facilities of up to 1,000 tonnes. Their unique design ensures uniform grain distribution and facilitates flow to the pit outlet. Sloping corners help minimise areas where materials can accumulate or become trapped.
  • Two-slope bolted pit: made from galvanized sheet metal, these grain pits feature a modular, bolted design. Two-slope pits are supplied in kit form for easy assembly without the need for a crane. These reception pits can be up to 6 meters high, enabling several trucks to be unloaded simultaneously and optimising operations.

Customised solutions for minimum masonry requirements

Gutter reception

FAO offers a receiving solution particularly suited to the storage of cereals on concrete platforms. This receiving system is widely used by storage organisations, local collection points and farmers.

The advantage of gutter reception is that it requires less masonry work. In fact, a channel with a depth of between 0.6 and 1 meter is all that’s needed to accommodate the chain conveyor. This configuration considerably simplifies installation and reduces associated costs. Depending on its width, the reception pit is fitted with a flow-through grate and a reception trough.

This solution is ideal for small spaces and existing buildings. It is also suitable for temporary storage, e.g. for wet corn.

Above-ground reception

Above-ground reception requires no masonry work to build a pit for the elevator base. This not only simplifies installation, but also reduces the associated costs. What’s more, the system is easy to install, offering a practical and efficient solution. Thanks to its compact design, the above-ground receiver can be easily adapted to any site, guaranteeing optimum flexibility to meet the specific needs of each installation.

For farms requiring a flexible, adaptable solution, we also design mobile hoppers of various sizes and outputs.

Grain unloading in the pit


  • Efficiency: fast, customised unloading
  • Durability: Corrosion-resistant steel design.
  • Flexibility: Choice of grids adapted to operational needs.
  • Safety: Robust designs adapted to vehicular traffic.
  • Simplified maintenance:guaranteed accessibility for servicing and maintenance.

Key features

  • Passing or non passing grid
  • Rustproof or galvanized paint
  • Wide range from 26 m³ upwards
  • Extraction by screw or chain conveyor
  • Inspection hatch included in grille

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