Horizontal mixer

The FAO horizontal mixer mixes feed ingredients quickly and efficiently. Reliable and robust, the mixer guarantees high-quality, homogeneous mixing, essential for balanced nutrition with every formula.

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Mélangeur horizontal FAO
Mélangeuse à aliment fao
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The FAO cereal mixer prepares feed for farm animals and is suitable for batch production. Manufactured in our own workshop, it incorporates a heavy-duty sheet-metal bowl, precision-rolled for a precise fit between the bowl and the coils.

Our ribbon mixers have capacities ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 litre, to suit different needs and sizes of operation. The back-and-forth movement of the materials inside the tank, combined with specially designed rotors, guarantees homogeneous mixing in a short time. The double inverted spiral is adjustable to ensure high-quality mixing.

The food mixer makes it easy to add vitamins, minerals and oils according to the needs of each formula, while ensuring even distribution throughout the batch. Ingredients are fed through a safety trap above the mixer. For specific requirements, a liquid injection manifold can be added to facilitate the integration of oilseed oil. Once mixed, the product is discharged via a manually or pneumatically operated drain valve.

For a turnkey solution, the horizontal mixer can be integrated into feed manufacturing units, combined with a grain flattener or a hammer mill.

Horizontal mixer for FAO cereals


  • Perfect homogeneity
  • Fast, precise mixing (4-7 minutes depending on capacity)
  • Production flexibility
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Complete draining

Key features

  • Motor power between 4 kW and 7.5 kW
  • Tank in thick welded steel
  • Inverted double-spiral rotor
  • Standard end or ventral drain as standard
  • Compact geared motor transmission
  • Tank in thick welded steel

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