Transfer screw

Transfer screws are suitable for transferring cereals, grains, granules, and powders. FAO designs and manufactures a wide range of augers for grain handling. Depending on your requirements and the configuration of your storage facility, we offer grain augers adapted to ensure optimum throughput and efficient handling of bulk products.

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Transfer screw types and applications

Sub-tube screw

The tubular screw conveys grain, flour, and granules continuously, over long distances and at a regular rate.

Our range of sub-tube screws can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Horizontal transport
  • Transport on slopes from 0° to 45° as standard
  • Power supply for bucket elevator
  • Feeding storage silos
  • Silo extraction

The under-tube screws are sturdy and modular, with intermediate foot bearings for added stability. These grain augers can reach a maximum length of 25 meters, offering great flexibility for handling applications. Grain auger output varies from 7 to 100 tons per hour, allowing adaptation to the specific needs of each situation. The material used in the design is galvanized steel, guaranteeing strength and durability in a variety of environments.

Trough screw

The trough screw ensures continuous mechanical transfer of bulk products and powders. This type of screw is used in the agricultural and industrial sectors to convey products such as cereals, animal feed and flour. This screw is also suitable for heavy-duty operation.

Core screws are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each application. The trough screw is distinguished by its customised design, which enablesits flow capacity, diameter and length to beadapted to specific requirements. The screw’s sturdiness enables it to achieve high flow rates, depending on its diameter and motorisation.

Thanks to its modular design and integral access cover, maintenance operations are made easy. Modules can be easily dismantled and replaced individually when required, reducing downtime and associated costs.

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Coil screws

The spiral screw is a soft, flexible grain screw used mainly in on-farm feed mills to transfer feed to the finished product silo.

The Archimedean screw can be adapted to different configurations, lengths, angles, and curves to meet the specific needs of each installation. Products are moved along the screw thread by its rotation. The spiral shape of the thread creates a worm-like movement, allowing the grain to be moved continuously.

The spiral screw, made of PVC, has a maximum length of 75 meters and capacities ranging from 0.4 to 1.12 tons per hour.

Industrial screws

Our engineering department designs tailor-made industrial screws to meet specific customer needs and applications.

The industrial screw is used for pit extraction, silo extraction or dosing of products such as straw, pellets, cereals, or solid residues such as meal.

Our industrial screws can incorporate fine pitches for more precise metering of the products they transport or move.

Screw under FAO tube


  • Robust construction
  • Spare parts available on short notice (threads, pulleys, belts, etc.)
  • Adaptable lengths
  • Numerous accessories available

Key features

  • Welded/bolted steel construction
  • Painted or galvanized finish
  • Fine thread option for precise dosing
  • Body and net thickness to suit use
  • Drive unit for belt pulleys or geared motor
  • Control unit can be installed at the head or foot of the unit

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