Scraper screw

FAO offers screw scrapers for moving and emptying grain inside storage silos. Made from sturdy, resistant materials, the screw scraper can be installed in silos of various capacities to meet the needs of farmers and industrial professionals.

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Scraper screw for grain silo

The scraper auger ensures even, uniform movement of grain to thesilo trough, preventing the formation of arches or stagnant zones that could impede throughput when grain is extracted from storage silos.

The scraper auger, or sweeper auger, is specially designed to recover residues from products with good gravity flow (wheat, corn, barley, seeds, etc.) in flat-bottomed silos. The discharge auger starts once the gravity flow is complete and completes the emptying process with a full rotation inside the silo.

Different ranges of screw scrapers are available. The emptying auger, fitted with an electric motor inside the silo, has the advantage of being more compact and easier to use. The motor is attached to a gearbox which drives the screw.

For higher flow rates and increased performance, we recommend using a screw with a motor positioned under the silo. Fixed screw scrapers are specifically designed for large cells with large diameters and high flow rates. These screws are particularly well-suited to heavy-duty applications and offer simplified maintenance.

Thanks to their specific design, the screw sweepers ensure safe and efficient emptying. Scraper screws are suitable for grain storage silos with diameters ranging from 6 to 38 meters, offering throughput capacities ranging from 25 to 300 t/h, depending on the product stored.

For complete grain management after emptying, the chain conveyor and transfer augers ensure efficient continuity in handling operations.

Emptying screw for grain silo


  • Durability and longevity
  • Time saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Retrofit possible

Key features

  • Robust welded construction
  • ATEXII2D125 certification
  • Power from 4 kW
  • Throughput from 40 t/h

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