Chain conveyor

The chain conveyor enables horizontal handling orextraction of bulk products such as cereals, grains, pellets and flours. Available in different ranges to suit every application, our chain conveyors are used in grain storage facilities as well as in various industrial and agricultural processes.

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Transporteurs à chaînes pour grains et produits vrac
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Chain conveyor – Horizontal grain transport

Chain conveyors are industrial equipment used for horizontal transport of bulk goods. It consists of a tensioned chain running around sprockets at the ends of the machine. Plastic or steel pallets are attached to the chain at regular intervals, enabling products to be transported inside the metal channel.

Made from galvanized or painted welded steel, the chain conveyor is a robust, modular piece of grain handling equipment that can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Depending on the specific characteristics of the application, as well as the properties of the conveyed product and the process requirements, the use of a bucket elevator may be considered.

Channels are interchangeable: double-bottom, single-bottom or extractor. Chain types may vary according to product, conveyor length and inclination.

Chain conveyors are widely used in grain storage facilities for horizontal linear conveying of dry bulk products such as wheat and barley, or wet bulk products such as corn at harvest.

Chain conveyor for grain


  • Fully enclosed, sealed equipment (no dust emission)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust, safe design
  • Small footprint relative to transported volume
  • Reliable and versatile: various layouts (horizontal, inclined, angled), one-way, two-way transfer and extraction.
  • Limited product retention
  • Several optional inputs and outputs

Key features

The chain conveyor features a welded modular construction (galvanized steel or epoxy paint) or folded galvanized sheet metal.


  • Capacity: up to 300 t/h as standard
  • Transport length: up to 60 meters as standard
  • Conveying speed: 0.5 m/sec as standard, customizable from 0.3 to 0.7 m/sec


  • Direct coupling between geared motor and drive shaft
  • One-piece welded or removable gear trunnion mounted on shrink disc
  • Viewports
  • Rotation control
  • Jam detection

Head and foot:

  • SNL or surface-mounted bearing
  • Inspection hatches
  • Grazing bottom


  • Single-bottom extractor channel, double-bottom channel or pit-bottom extractor channel
  • Longitudinal and/or transverse valve or bottom replacement
  • Manual, pneumatic, or electric control
  • Cleaning brush
  • ISO-standard mechanical chains with breaking strengths up to 32 t
  • Wear protection Hardox®, Creusabro® 8000, or HDPE depending on product

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