Bucket elevator

The bucket elevator is used for vertical transport of bulk products such as grain, granules and powdered products like flour. Designed and manufactured in our own factory, our bucket elevators are available in different ranges to meet the specific needs of the agricultural and industrial sectors.

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Elévateur à godets FAO
Elévateur à godets pour transfert vertical du grain
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Bucket elevator – Vertical grain transfer

The bucket elevator enables efficient vertical handling of bulk products such as grain, wood pellets, etc. In grain storage facilities, the elevator guarantees safe mechanical transport over several meters in height, while taking up very little space. The bucket elevator is a piece of handling equipment that feeds grain storage via a chain conveyor or transfer screw.

FAO bucket elevators are specially designed for elevated handling of grains and oilseeds, and meet the specific needs of agro-industrial and agricultural handling.

The material is fed through a feed gusset integrated into the foot of the elevator. The product is then continuously picked up by buckets attached to a conveyor belt, which is driven by the head drum and tensioned by the foot drum.

The buckets, mounted on the conveyor belt, move continuously at a speed adapted to transport the product to the top of the elevator (3m/sec for grain).

When the product reaches the top of the elevator, it is ejected from the buckets by centrifugal force. The material then passes through an unloading hopper located in the head of the elevator.

Bucket elevator for vertical grain transfer


  • Robust, compact design
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maintenance and servicing thanks to inspection hatches
  • Durability, wear-resistant Hardox® or Creusabro® 8000
  • Wide range of accessories and options available

Key features

The bucket elevator is of modular construction, either welded (galvanized or painted steel) or in folded galvanized sheet metal.


  • Capacity: up to 250 t/h as standard
  • Elevation: up to 50 m
  • Transport speed: 1.5 to 3m/s


  • Smooth or rubber-coated cambered drum
  • Offset bearing and reinforced sealing
  • Elevator head platform
  • Hardox® or Kryptane ®8000 rubber lining
  • 2-part head cover for easy maintenance
  • Available options: dust extraction hood, belt offset and tamping detector, explosion vent (ATEX zone)


  • Rubber strap
  • Clamping jaws
  • Very low elongation (< 1%)
  • Resistance from 400n/mm² to 1250n/mm² (< 1%)
  • Self-extinguishing ISO340, abrasion-proof ISO4649, antistatic, oil-resistant
  • Possible options: strip coating suitable for food products


  • Made of steel (stainless steel or HDPE)


  • Standard segments from 0.5 to 2m, bolted together with fixing spacer
  • Hatches and manholes

Loading foot:

  • Made of steel
  • Inspection hatch, unclogging/cleaning
  • Hardox® lining for highly abrasive products
  • Screw belt tensioning system
  • Squirrel-cage drum, hub-mounted
  • Possible options: rotation sensor, strap offset detector, self-cleaning foot (bottom follower), multi-inlet loading gusset…


  • Direct drive or belt pulley
  • Backstop system

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