Continuous grain dryer

With over 60 years of expertise in the manufacture of grain dryers, FAO provides efficient, high-performance solutions for drying corn, wheat, barley, rice, or cocoa. The FAO continuous grain dryer is designed to guarantee optimum performance with high daily throughput.

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Séchoir à grains continu économiseur d'énergie FAO
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Continuous grain dryer – Performance and grain preservation

Operating principle

The continuous-flow grain dryer is designed for continuous grain drying. It offers the advantage of fast, even drying, while preserving grain quality.
Continuous operation ensures uninterrupted grain drying and efficient management of grain intake peaks during the harvest period.

Like the recirculating grain dryer, the continuous grain dryer operates under vacuum. The grain enters wet at the top and comes out dry. Outside air for the lower section is drawn in through louvers at the base of the column.

The air is heated by an air stream burner running across the entire width of the housing. The temperature can be adjusted to suit the height of the column. Air distribution is as follows:

  • The upper part of the grain column is used as a drying zone.
  • The lower part of the grain column is used as a cooling zone with adjustable intake flaps.

Spent air is drawn in by overhead propeller fans and exhausted to the outside.

Grain dryer with energy-saving option

The continuous dryer is available with an energy saver to combine performance and low energy consumption. The design of this vertical dryer ensures low energy consumption during the drying process.

The used air is separated into 2 streams:

  • The air at the start of drying, or extracted air, is saturated with moisture and discharged to the outside by a fan in the upper section.
  • The end-of-drying air, which is warmer and less humid, is recycled to the lower section, where it is mixed with the hot air produced by the generator.

This air recycling system saves 20-25% energy. Depending on the model, the economiser dryer is equipped with one or two electric fans with dust dampers, and a recirculated air – fresh air mixer. The continuous grain saver dryer can be equipped with a 2-temperature heating system (bi-temperature) and a 2nd burner (bi-temperature bi-burner).

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Applications and uses

The continuous-flow grain dryer is suitable for a wide variety of grains and seeds, from edible or seed cereals (such as wheat, barley, oats, rice, cocoa) to oilseeds (such as rapeseed and sunflower).
It is particularly recommended for operations requiring high daily throughput or processing large quantities of grain.

Continuous flow grain dryer FAO


  • Robust and powerful
  • Quality preservation: Maintaining grain integrity.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of grain types.
  • Uniformity: even drying for preserved quality
  • Uninterrupted operation: optimised for long cycles
  • Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient design
  • Maximum safety
  • Durability: minimal maintenance required.

Key features

  • Drying column with extraction drawer
  • Electro-fan
  • Hot air generator with burner
  • Pneumatic control
  • Dust cover
  • Control cabinet with PLC
  • Available options: dry column, outdoor ladder, exterior cladding and roof covering for outdoor dryers

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