Rotary cleaner

The rotary cleaner is an ultra-versatile device for effectively removing impurities from grain. Thanks to rotating sieves equipped with interchangeable grids, the grain cleaner can be used for a variety of applications, depending on your needs. Whether dusting, crumbling, cleaning, grading, or sieving your products, the rotary cleaner ensures effective cleaning and separation of all types of grain.

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Nettoyeur rotatif FAO
Nettoyeur, calibreur avec pré nettoyeur par aspiration intégré
Grilles de nettoyeur à grain
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A high-performance, ultra-versatile rotary cleaner

The FAO rotary cleaner offers exceptional versatility of use. The unit operates on a rotating screen with interchangeable perforated grids.
Perforation and grid layout are specific to your application. The continuously rotating inclined drum makes it easy to feed grain into the perforations. The unclogging at the top of the cylinder then promotes the natural descent of the grain.

The grain cleaner is capable of processing various types of grain such as: wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, peas, sunflower, faba beans…. What’s more, depending on the grid selected, it adapts to all your operations, whethercrumbling, cleaning, sizing or screening.

Thanks to its high performance and versatility, the rotary cleaner is ideal for the grain industry, as well as conventional and organic farms of all sizes. Robust and easy to use, our range of rotary cleaners is manufactured in our workshop in France, guaranteeing rapid availability of spare parts should the need arise.

Capping operation

The rotary cleaner is used toremove large debris from the grain, such as clods, stones, stalks, and straw. It efficiently eliminates bulky waste, allowing good grain to pass through the perforated screens, while impurities are discharged at the end of the screen.
In the industrial food manufacturing process, the crumbler cleaner is particularly effective for treating flour by removing lumps, especially those formed after liquid injection.

The machine is available in two- or three-grid configurations, depending on product type, final destination and desired throughput.

The grain cleaner removes straw and clods from the grain, ensuring more uniform drying and simplifying dryer maintenance.
It reduces the formation of agglomerates that can obstruct airflow, create overheating zones, and increase the risk of fire. In addition, by avoiding unnecessary drying of these impurities, it helps reduce energy consumption and ensures optimum air circulation inside the dryer.

Grain crusher cleaner

Cleaning operation

Ideal for receiving prior to storage, the rotary cleaner precisely separates heavy particles from light ones, effectively eliminating chips and coarse waste, leaving only the good grain..

The grain cleaner is available with three or five grids. The first screens remove the chippings, while the following ones filter out the good grain. The largest waste is discharged at the end of the screen. In combination with the grain pre-cleaner, the grain cleaner guarantees efficient dust removal and cleaning.

To complete your cleaning circuit, we offer a range of equipment and accessories, such as cyclones, feed pipes and dust filters.

Cross-section of a FAO grain cleaner

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Calibration operation

Equipped with the appropriate sorting grids, the rotary cleaner can clean the grains and calibrate them according to size and shape. It is particularly suitable for treating grains such as: malting barley, maize, faba beans, mash, wheat, rapeseed, cocoa, and rice.

Depending on the type of sieve installed, the grain cleaner-sorter ensures perfect separation of cereal mixtures and multi-grain crops, such as peas and triticale or wheat and faba beans. When grading malting barley, the grain sorter efficiently eliminates screenings and broken grains, while preserving grain quality. In pellet or mash plants, it ensures efficient, precise sieving without damaging the product.

The choice of cleaning and sizing machine depends on the number of grain varieties to be processed and the desired throughput rate. The number of grain varieties determines the number of screens required, and the throughput specifies the screen diameter. To guarantee optimum performance, the screens are systematically unclogged during operation.

FAO grain and cereal cleaner-sizer
Cereal and grain cleaner-sorter FAO


  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Effortless door opening
  • No vibration
  • Wide choice of grids, different perforations
  • Easy grid change and optimised storage
  • Possibility of integrating a vacuum pre-cleaner
  • Spare parts available on short notice
  • Easy maintenance
  • Made in France quality

Key features

  • From 50 t/h to 225 t/h of crumbling – from 2 to 3 grids
  • From 25 t/h to 250 t/h cleaning – from 3 to 5 grids
  • From 5 t/h to 35 t/h calibration – from 3 to 5 grids
  • Fabricated construction, epoxy paint finish
  • Fixed drum inclination or variable inclination depending on range
  • Cylinder top cleaning
  • Geared motor
  • Under-cylinder collection hopper
  • Door safety sensors
  • Control panel: stepper feed, lighting, and variable speed drive
  • Door opening by gas struts depending on model
  • LED interior lighting
  • Optional Hardox hopper lining

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