Cereal pre-cleaner

The FAO cereal pre-cleaner effectively removes light particles from the grain. Thanks to a high-performance suction system, it provides intensive dust removal from grain, removing dust, chaff and light straw. The pre-cleaner combines performance, robustness, and ergonomics, guaranteeing optimum grain preparation for processing or storage.

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Pré-nettoyeur céréales à aspiration fao
Pré nettoyeur séparateur céréales à aspiration
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A compact, reliable and efficient grain pre-cleaner

Precleaner: technology and operation

The BCZ grain pre-cleaner uses a vacuum system to ensure clean, high-quality grain.

The pre-cleaner consists of a box with an equaliser flap to ensure even grain distribution. The succession of cascades enables air flows to eliminate impurities.

The centrifugal fan draws in and expels dust and bales. At the fan outlet, a butterfly valve adjusts the air flow to control the quantity of light waste to be extracted.

Principe de fonctionnement du pre nettoyeur à céréales par aspiration

Flexible integration

The pre-cleaner offers numerous possibilities for integration into a grain storage facility. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into handling circuits. The pre-cleaner can be used in conjunction with a rotary cleaner, a bucket elevator, or in dryer circuits.

When integrated into a column dryer, it removes the follicle that detaches from the grain during drying.

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Association with a cyclone

For enhanced performance, the cereal pre-cleaner can be combined with a cyclone. The pre-cleaner with cyclone separates impurities and recovers light particles from the grain. The cyclone will reduce the amount of dust and other fine particles released into the air.

The dust-laden air is expelled by the fan into the upper part of the cyclone. The cleaned air is discharged through the upper part, while the waste is conveyed and collected at the base of the cyclone in a dedicated hopper.

Cereal pre-cleaner with cyclone


  • Efficiency and precision
  • Modularity and integration flexibility
  • Compact design
  • Impurity recovery

Key features

  • Mechanically welded, epoxy-painted sheet metal construction
  • Throughput between 30 t/h and 100t/h depending on model
  • Motor power between 1.5 kW and 4 kW depending on model
  • Removable adjustment flap

Grain pre-cleaner and separator

The BAC+EPU cereal pre-cleaner also operates by suction. It removes light particles from grain while separating medium-heavy waste.

It can be used on its own, integrated into a circuit or mounted directly on a rotary cleaner, depending on treatment requirements. When combined with the grid cleaner, it also recovers the dust produced in the drum.

Thanks to its high flow rate, this grain pre-cleaner is designed for intensive use, and is particularly suited to the industrial sector.

The cereal pre-cleaner is equipped with a feeder roller to prevent the accumulation of coarse waste. During the process, the grains are evenly distributed, allowing air flows to pass through them to remove unwanted particles. The heavier waste falls back into an expansion chamber before being evacuated by a screw, while the lighter elements are expelled.

This pre-cleaner is ideal for separate recovery of medium-heavy and fine waste, or for reducing bag filter clogging.

How the grain pre-cleaner and industrial vacuum separator work

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